It's Time to Accelerate Better Health Outcomes.

Learn how to drive better health outcomes and boost profitability through IoMT.

With insights from top tech companies, leading healthcare institutions, and digital health experts, our newest eBook will show you how the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) can drive higher profitability and accelerate better health outcomes.


IoMT Advances Healthcare Innovation 

In five chapters, you will learn why the time is right for IoMT-driven transformation, how IoMT technologies can accelerate healthcare innovation, what challenges to expect (and how to avoid them), and where to begin when building an IoMT foundation.


Getting to a Smarter Future


Innovation Drives Better Health


Address Challenges, Reduce Risks


Building an IoMT Foundation


People First for a Healthier Future

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IoMT Powers Integrated Connections

IoMT enables real-time connectivity through wearables, mobile apps, and analytics. While the IoMT ecosystem is still developing, 60% of healthcare organizations already use some form of IoMT. Emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence offer tremendous potential to further transform the industry.

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Healthcare Spending is Increasing Fast


U.S. health spending is projected to reach $6 trillion by 2027 with an estimated average growth rate of 5.7% year over year from 2020 to 2027. Prescription drug spend is expected to increase 60% by 2027.

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Healthcare is IoT’s Fastest Growing Segment


By 2025, there will be more than 75 billion IoT connected devices,  compared to 30.7 billion in 2020. In 2020, 40% of IoT will be health-related, more than any other category.

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IoMT Drives Innovation and Cost Savings


According to 80% of healthcare executives, innovation is IoMT’s biggest advantage. IoMT cuts clinical and operational inefficiencies by as much as 25%, which could save the industry up to $300 billion in the near term.


IoMT Drives Better Outcomes for Patients and the Business of Healthcare


With 89% of healthcare executives experimenting with some form of IoMT, it’s clear we’ve reached a tipping point that will usher in a new era of predictive, patient-centered holistic care which will drive better outcomes for patients as well as the business of healthcare.


Ready to connect the dots to better health outcomes?

As you will learn from reading our eBook, the winners of the connected, value-based health economy will be those who can deliver comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that further transform health outcomes, reduce costs, and improve lives.


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